Phillip Duong, Public Relations


Phillip Duong, a senior at the Valenti School of Communication pursuing a career in public relations and a minor in chemistry, wants to use his degree as a stepping-stone to becoming a dentist. He has volunteered for the Texas Mission of Mercy and worked at a dental office now as a dental assistant. He is also a member of the Houston Alzheimer Association and has most recently involved with the Vietnamese charities in organizing galas. His favorite hobbies are staying active and healthy such as going to the gym and running. He recently accomplishes a medal in running the Chevron Marathon 5k and half-marathon.  

While attending at UH, he hopes to graduate Magna Cum Laude or better. He will also intern at Symbio Wellness this summer to gain a better conception of modern rejuvenated medicine and supplements. As for his career, Phillip has decided that he wanted to use PR in the career field of dentistry. He believes that as a public relation major, he will have the ability to work and communicate with patients. Being in office and around patients all day has made him realize that two-way communication is essential. It is important that as medical professionals, one must commutate properly and advise ethically among the patients.  How? Through attentive and deliberated communication and information about dental care. This has been a quality that he has attained throughout his life and as a dental assistant. He believes that this skill will allow him to accomplish anything throughout his life and career.

Christopher Northup