Mikey Fields Senior, Public Relations


Mikey Fields Senior is a proud public relations major at the Valenti School of Communication. Mikey is thrilled at the opportunity to write how awesome he is, while it is read to a room full of people who are just as awesome.

Mikey is looking towards a career as a foreigner service officer for the Department of State. This dangerously handsome young man has a deep love for public service and he plans to use the skills he has learned to start his own non-profit organization that aims at encouraging the youth to further their education.

Mikey is growing more and more depressed because he is graduating in the fall semester. He is hoping the Valenti School of Communication considers him as an adjunct instructor who hangs around drinking coffee and giving out high-fives when needed. If all else fails, Mikey is extremely excited about becoming the world’s first completely blind outer-space breakdancing instructor.

Christopher Northup