Lyric Mandell, Mass Communications


Lyric Mandell is thrilled to be continuing her education at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication. In Summer 2017, after completing her required language credits in a study-abroad program in Verona, Italy, she graduated with honors from the UH with a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies at the age of 17. A self-proclaimed life-long learner, Lyric attended Montessori school from an early age, which she credits with instilling a passion for research, learning, and teaching. Lyric is currently a first-year master’s student majoring in Mass Communications and plans to continue her studies in pursuit of a Ph.D. after graduation. 

    Lyric’s research interests include entertainment and political communications with a particular interest in where the two topics intersect and interact to affect an audience’s perceptions. In 2016, Lyric had the opportunity to explore her interest in both entertainment and political media when she interned at Emergent Order, an Austin-based creative agency which produces political entertainment content. In February 2019, as one of four master’s students invited to the AEJMC Midwinter Conference, she presented her research entitled Getting Bi: An Analysis of Bisexual Characters’ Depiction on the Television Network the CW.

    When Lyric isn't studying, she enjoys spending time with her family and pet parrot Sugar Ann, playing board games, reading, painting, and traveling, as well as watching current entertainment programming for inspiration for her original television screenplays and research topics.

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