Juseung Park, Media Production


Juseung Park is a sophomore at the Valenti School of Communication as a media production major. He has been on the Dean’s List on multiple occasions and is on track to graduate Summa Cum Laude in two years. He has experience as an audio engineer for venues, concert halls, and churches. Juseung works in the Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Houston where he plays trumpet, manages the podcast, holds weekly recordings, mixes and masters and does post-production editing. He also currently interns for Sentai Filmworks. Under the mentorship of so many experienced professionals, his interest in the power of technology to empower creativity has truly blossomed. In his free time, Juseung spends hours creating and mixing music for his peers to use in projects like games and presentations. He dreams of becoming a renown master engineer throughout both the film and music industries.

Christopher Northup