Andrea Fernández Velázquez

Throughout my time as a UH student, I have enjoyed learning and being part of this great institution that has offered me different opportunities that have helped me gain personal and professional growth. In my university experience, I have had ups and downs -- whether academic, financial or personal. Receiving scholarships from the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication last year was an enormous and dearly appreciated financial assistance. With this generous help, I have been able to maintain my focus on academic success by being able to work in an office on campus as a work study, write for The Cougar, the student-run newspaper at UH, and dedicate myself to my studies. I work 12 hours a week, and I try to distribute my salary accordingly. Part of my salary is dedicated to paying for books and other school materials, part for transportation expenses, and small portion for savings or emergencies. I doubt I could balance my activities and responsibilities had I not been awarded these scholarships, which have also allowed me to give a small measure of return to parents who pay for my education. My studies are very important to me because I was raised with the idea that education is and should be considered one of the most important rights, privileges and opportunities in life, and because I believe that with education, we can help make this a better world.