The issue

The classrooms and student work spaces at the Valenti School of Communication building are currently outdated. As a result, students are learning in an environment that does not best equip them for the 21st century realities of working in the field of communication. The money being raised through this evening with Coach Tom Herman will be funneled into two main areas: modern classroom furniture and innovative classroom technologies.

Classroom Furniture

At the Valenti School of Communication, we pride ourselves in preparing students to enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure their success. Unfortunately, our classrooms do not reflect this. The classroom furniture at the Valenti School of Communication dates back decades. Small work spaces make it nearly impossible for students to use computers in any of the main classrooms. This prevents them from being able to work collaboratively on projects or even to take notes digitally. By renovating the classroom furniture, it will create an environment suitable for the 21st century - where students work together using computers and other technology to create relevant, engaging digital media.

Classroom Technology

The Valenti School of Communication should set the standard for providing students with innovative, interactive classroom technologies. Instead, we must rely on outdated equipment that does not perform to the standards of today's media environment. Not only are our classrooms missing essential digital tools - like BluRay players - they are still equipped with VHS/DVD combination players as the only way to play media. Beyond that, our classrooms lack ample power outlets, meaning that students are unable to charge their digital devices to ensure they last the entire class and throughout the day. Given the centrality of technology in our classes, these upgrades will serve our students well.

The Plan

By working with some of the leaders in classroom design and technology, the Valenti School of Communication will completely renovate its three largest classrooms to create an interactive, digital space in which students can learn and thrive. This includes replacing not only the furniture, but the technology in the rooms as well. The first step on this process is raising the funds necessary to bring about these changes. By supporting this upcoming event - An Evening with Tom Herman - you are supporting our students.